Our production is as varied and precise as nature itself.

Not only every plant, but also every harvest is different and calls for processing to be adjusted accordingly. The variety of our production processes meets this demand in full. We combine long-standing experience with tried-and-tested production plants and are therefore in a position to guarantee consistent quality.

Cutting plants:

Various cutting machines allow a careful processing of the raw materials.

Grinding plants:

For the various products, we use turbo mills, hammer mills, pin mills, roller mills, crushing mills and pan mills. Very oily products are cold-ground.

Mixing plants:

Our mixing plants allow an efficient mixing of fine cuttings and powdering of 5 kg to 2’000 kg. Coarsely cut herbs, e.g. for tea blends, are carefully mixed by hand to avoid fine particles.

CO2 pressure disinfestation:

With natural CO2, our powerful CO2 pressure disinfestation plant destroys both pests and their eggs, even for organic items.

Pelleting & pill making:

From 100’000 units, in accordance with your formula, we provide a variety of tablets, pills and granules, and package them ready for sale at your request.