1906 First herb trading of Willi Dix in Wolfhalden
1916 Relocation to Rorschach and establishment of Willi Dix, Dixa-Werke, Rorschach
1925 At the age of 19, David Eduard Wild joins the company of his uncle Willi Dix
1931 Takeover of the business by David Eduard Wild and establishment of Dixa AG, St. Gallen
1933 Establishment of the affiliate Extracta AG, St. Gallen. First active in the production of liquid extracts, the company later focuses on the contract manufacturing of tablets and pills
1939 During World War II, the Swiss population is called on to collect herbs. The procurement of commodities is extremely difficult
1950 The company grows continuously, good international contacts are the key to success
1956 The storage capacities are expanded
1968 Son Reto Wild joins Dixa AG
1984 Son Jürg Wild joins Extracta AG
1985 David Eduard Wild leaves the day-to-day management, hand over of the business to sons Reto and Jürg
1989 After two years of planning and construction, the West annexe is ready
1994 Certification in accordance with ISO 9001
1997 Integration of Extracta AG in Dixa AG
2004 Certification in accordance with BRC Global Standard Food
2005 Takeover of Hans Kennel AG, Baar. Operated as Kennel AG, the specialist for organic quality and herbs from Swiss produce
2009 Death of owner and managing director Reto Wild
2010 Bettina Wild and Stefan Postl, the fourth generation, join